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Summer Camp #2

And I thought the 6-8 year old kids tired me out– I was wrong! This week we had a second summer camp session, this time for 9-11 year old children. This group had an overwhelming amount of boys compared to girls, and every single kid had an endless amount of energy. We used more or less the same activities for this camp as we did the last one, but we made them a little bit more challenging. There were days when I thought we hadn’t made them challenging enough, since the kids were having such an easy time of it. I don’t think I’ve ever met a group of kids who knew so much about the environment at that age. They knew all about composting and recycling and different kinds of energy; I even heard a few kids talk about different methods of bird banding! Day 1 was spent as an introduction day, so the kids could learn about the refuge and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. We did the puzzle activity again, this time with the pieces upside down, so they wouldn’t know which one they were choosing. We also took them on a long hike around the refuge. We had our recycle scavenger hunt on Day 2, which the kids treated as a serious competition. Our recycling relay game that afternoon was a big hit, since these kids were so competitive. They wanted to keep playing the game, so we started making it more and more challenging. The kids had to get their recyclable materials or trash to the right bin while completing various tasks: jumping on one foot the entire way, running backwards, crab walking, even a three-legged race. Day 3 was our bird day again, and the kids had a rare sight as soon as we walked out the doors–a fully mature bald eagle flying directly overhead! We have a nesting pair on the refuge, and this one decided to give the camp kids a treat while he/she went hunting. I think the birds all wanted to show off that day. We had a Great Blue Heron and a White Egret fishing in the Impoundment about 10 feet from each other, and in perfect view of the kids. They were able to compare the birds’ wingspans and sizes, and figure out how the birds were standing in the water. Day 4 was Parent day, and the hottest day we’d had so far in camp. We tired the kids out in the morning by taking them outside to play various environment-related games. We had a couple of games that simulated wildlife survival and hunting, but the kids were still full of energy after them. So, it turned into a giant game of tag until we took them inside for their presentation. We showed a PowerPoint of the week, gave out the kids’ certificates, and worked on some take-home arts and crafts.IMG_1175 IMG_5031 IMG_6325 IMG_7992 IMG_9373 IMG_9966