SCA Camping

This week, I was able to go on a 3 day camping trip with the John Heinz Refuge SCA crew. At the end of every summer program, the Student Conservation Association crews go on a camping trip to celebrate the end of the program, and have a bit of fun. Frankie, Jenelle, and I went with Chuck’s crew to Hickory Run State Park, a beautiful camping spot in White Haven, Pennsylvania. After helping the crew finish up preparations for their final presentation, we headed off to camp, where the weather was nearly perfect for us. We spent the first day setting up camp, and it was a fierce competition between the boys and girls to see who could set up all of their tents faster–we won, then went over to help them set up their last tent. After that, we ran over to the field near our camp, where we played wiffle ball and in the playground. It was back to camp after that to cook dinner and start a fire for s’mores. Everyone called it an early night and turned in after that.

The next day, we went on a hike on the Shades of Death trail–promising name, right? It was actually a really nice trail. It ran next to the creek most of the time, but had very tricky footing in some parts, due to tree roots and erosion. We saw a man-made waterfall/dam, and hiked across an area filled with rocks. The kids enjoyed the hike; they also enjoyed jumping out and scaring us. After the hike, we went swimming in the lake, then back to the playground for more time on the swings. We stayed out there until dark, and watched all of the bats fly around. I’m not sure what kind of bats they were, but there were dozens, flying over our heads and from one side of the clearing to another.

The weather decided to not like us on the last day (chilly and rainy) so we packed up pretty early and came home. Now, I’m back at the refuge, to help out with the SCA crews’ graduation and work on more painting. Why is the summer already almost done?

IMG_9022 IMG_9795 IMG_9903 IMG_2186 IMG_3274


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