Training Round 2

outdoor classroom

outdoor classroom

The biggest event this week was another teacher training conference, this time at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education–conveniently located in Philadelphia. The other interns and myself attended the conference, and it was their first time at the Center. I’ve been there a lot over the years, because I participated in the Philadelphia Envirothon, a high school competition about environmental science. It was pretty awesome to see the Center again, especially with all of the changes they have made. The visitor center has been expanded, with a new exhibit all about rainfall. There is also a new sculpture of slides, which capture rainfall and allow it to filter into a rain garden located just below it. This training event focused on how to bring environmental science into the classroom. We went over lesson plans that could be used, such as creating nature journals and conducting observations. Our favorite part of the conference was the outdoor classroom that the Schuylkill Center has. The classroom is a section of the forest enclosed in deer fencing, which delineates the classroom’s boundaries, but allows visitors to still see the overall forest. There is an actual door set into the deer fencing, with a doormat and everything, so that when you step into the classroom, it feels as though you really are going into someone’s home. The goal of the classroom is to impress upon visitors that the forest is a safe place, an open place, and it deserves to be respected just like your own home.

a cool water snake we saw on a walk

a cool water snake we saw on a walk



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